Welcome To R.L Masala

When we think about Indian menu, masalas or spice powders become an essential ingredient. The secret to many curries throughout different parts of India is attached to the various combinations of masalas used. Two main properties of spices, when added to your food, its aroma and taste. Without either, your food would have no quality. Imagine eating mutton biryani, paneer tikka or chicken butter masala without the taste of the actual masala. RL Masala brings to you the authentic masalas of India spices for every cooking making it delicious and healthy.
We began as Spices Trading Firm at Visheshwerganj Varanasi in 1969 . Continuing on this inspiration, we then gathered all the knowledge about all the Spices from all over the country and traded within the vincity of Eastern Uttarpradesh. Since 2008 with almost 40 years of Experience of knowledge of Spices with started manufacturing Spices and all its variety. Our products include a wide range of whole spices, ground spices, blended spices, curry powder and baking spices with prices ranging from 50 paise to Rs.800 per packet. Today, due to premium quality spices and immense demand, our spices are also exported to outside countries.

Priya Tiwari

One of the best spices I’ve tasted. All of the spices taste great and are of great quality just love them!

Shubham Rana

I’m in love with RL Masala’s blended spices! Make cooking hassle free, all of spices in the blended range have perfect ratio of right spices

Sabhya Verma

Everyone in my family has finally started enjoying my cooked food ever since I started using RL Masala! Specially the chicken masala! It just stole my heart

Arjun Singhania

Out of all the sppices blends I've tasted, RL Masala's are the best one, their taste quality and experince make it easier to trust them.

Ms. Jahnvi Sharma

These spices have the best flavors and now i know why they're so famous in enitre UP. The amaizng flavors make them so unique.